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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Ups and Downs of Falling in Love By Terrance Brashun

This book of Poetry was a quick and easy read. I imagined my first book of Poems would be by Maya Angelou or Warsan Shire but a close friend of mine is an author and I couldn't wait to read a copy of his poetry book. Poetry has always intrigued me and at times I write poetry myself, so I quickly purchased a copy of this book on Amazon and I read it on the Kindle App. It took me about 4 days to read this one. I was enlightened, surprised, and I also felt a connection to his poetry.


This book expresses the ups and downs of relationships, love, and breaking up. When I chose this book the author asked me, "what made you choose that one?".  I responded "I feel like I can relate (insert shrug emoji)" LOL. I know I could probably write a book or two about being in relationships, so I wanted to see someone else's perspective. I recently ended another relationship. (R.I.P.)  So I can definitely say this book helped me to process some things and also gave me some insight on life and love. 


We all experience love in our own way but there are a lot of similarities on how love affects us. I think this book speaks to how we are all the same and we are all looking for the same things. My favorite part of this book is "The Calm". I wasn't expecting this section of the book but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. I love the calm feeling, after all the chaos has died down, after all the arguments stop replaying in your head, after you stop thinking about how it all went wrong, you simply wish them the best and move on for the better. Mr. Brashaun wrote a poem in this section called "Real Love" and it was my favorite in the whole book. Check it out below:


Real Love

I'm looking for real love

The type that you never have to question because it can be felt with one hug

Material things don't express emotion

They only capitalize the situation and symbolize the notion

I want love that others can feel

When they're in the same room, no questions have to be asked

They can feel the electricity and know it is real

I think we often forget what drives relationships

I know bills have to be paid but good will can fill a stomach like a bag of potato chips

I don't lose faith in hard times

I want a person to love me through all the tribulations because only death kills a strong mind

I want real love


This poem really spoke to me because I can relate to it so much. When I think of my ideal mate I often think of a love that can be felt by others. People will stop, stare, and smile at us (as the song says) and it will be magnetic, no denying it. It will be strong and unstoppable, a force like no other. Ahhh, one day my love. How beautiful to experience real love or to even know it exist and is possible. Make sure you grab a copy of his book for a quick read with great insight. I look forward to reading more of his collection in the future.


Also, check out his website He is a man of many many talents and I am so proud of him, you can also hear some of his spoken poetry there. 


*Keep Your Head in the Books*

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