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Remembering 9-11 Cover

Two decades to some seems like a moment to me

I sat in Pre-Calculus thinking they were showing a movie on TV

We had a test that day that I wasn't prepared to pass

So, as a kid, I was over joyed for the interruption of my class

But as my enthusiasm waned and the coverage carried on

My instructor informed us of the moment that history touched home

I remember seeing the tears that streamed down others' face

As the news reported events that would determine my place

I enlisted to make a difference and get revenge on our end

In the process, forming a brotherhood and a number of friends

Side by side we sailed, transporting Marines

From the shore of North Carolina to places I'd never seen

For days on end, it seemed sometimes

The horizon never ended, nor the thoughts in my mind

As we went in and out of different countries during the Iraq War

Not once did I hesitate or think of the scars

I thought of the honor and the people we'd lost

Of the freedoms of the living and the lines that'd been crossed

Now as a veteran, I look back with pride

Proud of the decision I made and the pledge to those lives

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