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The Classic Villain League is an 8 man Connected Franchise league on Madden 17. Each man will use a team from each of the 4 divisions in the AFC and NFC. The first round of the league will last 4 seasons. The winner of each season will receive a $25 gift card of his choosing.

League Rules:


1. Once you sign up for a team, you must stay in the league for the full 4 seasons, at which point you can either continue or retire from the league.

2. Each round of 4 seasons will start with a fantasy draft of 30 rounds.

3. All games will be played, including preseason. If you do not wish to play you can go on autopilot until you are ready to return.

4. User to user trades are unlimited but user to CPU trades are not allowed until the second season.

5. 2 CPU trades per season. A season is considered from one draft to the other.

6. The penalties for trades in the first season are:

1st time - 4 losses

2nd time - Forfeit all draft picks

3rd time - Kicked from the league

7. All  user to CPU trades must be approved my the commish and the majority of the players.

8. No complaints about trades will be tolerated.

9. There are no banned teams.

10. User vs CPU trades will advance every 24 hours, user vs user will advance every 36 hours.

Rules are subject to change as this league progresses.

To join contact Terrance Brashun via Facebook or Instagram or message him through his usertag - DragTheVillain

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