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Classic Villain was an idea before it was ever an official clothing label. The idea was created back when Terrance was heavy into music. There would be times when he couldn't please the people who asked things of him and when he said no, they turned on him. Looking at him as the bad guy, Terrance realized that being the villain wasn't always a bad thing.


Sometimes you can be deemed the villain just because you refuse to go along with popular and public perception. In his time on Earth, Jesus was labeled a villain because what he stood for was not accepted by the people. Being a villain only means that you stand for something that most people can't or refuse to understand.


As Terrance started to move on to his next ventures in life, he started to develop a comic. However, when life got too busy for him, he had to step away and handle his responsibilities. Finally, with everything in order in his life, Terrance came back with the idea of combining the four things he loved - clothing, art, comics and music.


The first logo for Classic Villain didn't really get a good reception when Terrance went with it so he went back to the drawing board. After some time, he came up with a more corporate and acceptable logo that could easily be used in any setting. As the perception for the brand seemed to get better, Terrance turned it into a clothing label.


Now working with a team of his closest friends, Terrance is making an effort to fuse their skills and love for urban fashion, comics and hip hop to put a solid stamp in the arena of life.

Classic Villain 5 Year Logo.png
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