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Odious Stench Perfect Date Website Promo

For the most part, candles are made for women and bought by men who just so happen to like the way they smell. Odious Stench was created to fill the void and cater to the men who like candles with scents designed to appeal to men. If a woman just so happens to like the way they smell then of course she is more than welcome to make a purchase. Each Odious Stench candle is a limited edition both in scent and in a production number. Once a candle is sold out, that is the end of the run for that smell for the foreseeable future.  The boxes that are put together with these scents are created with one goal in mind, to help the fellas GTD (Get The Drawls). These are the Jordans of candles. These are the steel boxes of movies. These are the one nights in Vegas. Welcome to Odious Stench.

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